Venison Roast and Gluten Free Venison Roast

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What is better than eating something you harvested from nature? I would dare to say not much! Just think about the hours and hours of preparation, the items purchased to obtain the end product, the care, the time and the money to obtain the object of the harvest. This might be vegetables, fruits, or it might be protein–lean, low fat, low cholesterol, all natural meat. That’s what the recipe we’ll be featuring from Morning Star Sports llc will be-lean, delicious Venison Roast. This will be a roast from a Whitetail to be specific but w/a little experimentation it will work for most game. I’m sure that recipes forVenison roast have been around for 1000’s of years and no matter how they were cooked there were probably never any leftovers. Well hang onto your hats men and women of the culinary arts you’re about to experience THE FINEST RECIPE FOR VENISON ROAST EVER CREATED! That’s right this is no brag just fact. It’s fast, simple, easy and most of all delicious. ( I just want to caution you to have a little snack set aside while you check the recipe because it will make you extremely hungry). Now I would love to take credit for this recipe but aside from making a few simple adjustments that just wouldn’t be right. I found this recipe in one of the outdoor magazines but which one I don’t know, when I cut it out I didn’t keep the heading other than the part where it said ” it can cause a stampede to the table” which is true! The author of this delectable delight is Edna Wagner Piersol who if she is still w/us deserves a hearty thank you for sharing this wonderment. I found this recipe over 34 years ago and wish to pass on the blessing. Print Soon to come... Author: Edna Wagner Piersol Recipe type: Anytime Cuisine: American Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  3 hours Total time:  3 hours 20 mins Serves: 4-5   Ingredients one---3 (to 4) lb.venison roast one pkg. onion soup mix ( for gluten free use 2 onions sliced and 1 tbls. crushed garlic instead ) one cup red wine ( any kind will do but the medium red-pinot noir-seems to work well) 3 tbls. flour ( for gluten free use gluten free flour instead ) water aluminum foil large cooking pan cook at 300*, 1 hr. per lb. Instructions I've had the best results using the whole shoulder roast, bone included. But other roasts work nearly as well. Trim all fat from meat, also trim silver skin but you only have to remove the thickest parts. A shoulder roast will weigh 3-4 lbs. place roast in foil so no juices or steam can escape,if this means using 2 pieces then do it. I place 2 pieces shiny side to shiny side fold over an inch then fold again...

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